Aymen Gharbi

Aymen Gharbi

Photo: DOOLESHA Tunis 2017. Aymen Gharbi, January 2018.


Dar Ben Gacem | Coffee Enba


I came to Tunis to study and found my new home in the Medina. After finishing my studies as an architect, I worked for the National Institute for Heritage [INP]. For three years I analyzed the state of the art of all kinds of buildings in the Medina and I got to know it inside-out. In 2015, I founded the international light art project INTERFERENCE together with Bettina Pelz. We both are interested in site-specific artistic approaches and invited international artists to work on the Medina. The dialogue between cultural heritage and contemporary art is very exciting. [Aymen Gharbi _ architect _ curator _ living and working in the Medina since 2012.]