Open Threads

November 4 to 8, 2015 | Dream City 2015 Project by Doolesha

Open Threads: Everything Is A Metaphor
Spinning, knitting, weaving, tying, dyeing, tailoring … in many houses and workshops of the Medina one can find people working on thread. Walking the Medina with Doolesha is an invitation to discover the living culture of arts and crafts rooted in ancient traditions of producing yarns, mesh and fabrics. The Doolesha experience links seeing sights and meeting people to the understanding of a way of life and of a way of thinking. Handling thread while walking will become a metaphor for the discovery of the World Cultural Heritage and at the same time for creating something new. This will be done by a series of dialogues and experiments. We invite you to join us on a journey of exploring and discovering by weaving your own interactions and experiences into the traces, stories and legends that linger in the streets.
Dream City 2015
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